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Based on a story by Norway’s leading crime novelist Jo Nesbø, Jackpot is a Coen Brothers-inspired take on homicidal greed and betrayal, Scandinavian-style. When Christmas tree factory supervisor Oscar Svendsen wakes up terrified and bloody in a strip joint, with a shotgun in his hand and eight corpses surrounding him, he’s clearly going to have a lot of explaining to do. Under the intense interrogation of hard-boiled detective Solør, Oscar begins piecing together the unbelievable story of how he won the top prize in a soccer pool with his 3 dangerous ex-con colleagues. With a pile of cash at stake, the trio enters into a vicious battle over how to divide the money, dragging unwitting Oscar along for the violent ride. This rollicking gory romp racks up an impressive body count — and will keep you guessing until the very end.

Magnus Martens
Kyrre Hellum
Mads Ousdal
Arthur Berning

"A black comic ride! Recalls The Usual Suspects.” JOHN DEFORE, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"A brutally stylish pulp thriller! Savagely funny and deliciously dark. Works for fans of Tarantino at his pulp fiction best." MARK ADAMS, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

"This blackly comic, pulpy caper unspools at a rollicking pace. A stylish action-comedy full of spot on performances." ALISSA SIMON, VARIETY