Largo Winch: The Heir Apparent

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Largo Winch: The Heir Apparent

When billionaire financier Nerio Winch (Miki Manojlovic) and head of the W Group is murdered, his second in command (Kristin Scott Thomas) must locate his only heir — a heretofore unknown adopted son, Largo (Tomer Sisley). But first the heir — a twentysomething adventurer — must overcome an onslaught of drug traffickers, assassins, corporate raiders and double-dealing insiders to fulfill his destiny in this twisty, fast-paced corporate thriller.

Jérôme Salle
Tomer Sisley
Kristin Scott Thomas
Miki Manojlovic

"A grand, slick adventure like the best Bond films of yore." AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

"A fun slice of escapism… offers nearly non-stop action!" SCREEN DAILY