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Equal parts personal and political, REPRESENT follows three women on both sides of the aisle who share the singular goal of improving their community through public service. Myya attempts to spark a youth movement and unseat the incumbent mayor of Detroit; Bryn, a farmer and working mother in Granville, OH, runs for township trustee; and Julie walks a tightrope between her identities as a Korean immigrant and Republican candidate for State Representative in a liberal Chicago suburb.

Hillary Bachelder
Bryn Bird
Julie Cho
Myya Jones

"Getting the vote is only part of the battle" THE NEW YORK TIMES

"I dare you to watch this doc and not feel hopeful. The subjects won’t be the last women to seek political office; thanks to them, it will easier for future generations to get elected and represent.” RACHEL MONTPELLER, WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD

“Heading into the homestretch of this year’s election, “Represent” feels like a balm. A reminder that, win or lose, there’s something to be gained by reigniting people’s interest in civil engagement, especially at the local and state level." MONICA CASTILLO, ROGEREBERT.COM